A Mini Book Haul

Lately, I’ve had a terrible itch to go to a bookstore. Since that’s not possible at the moment, the Walmart discount section will have to do for now.

I don’t typically find anything worth a damn in these piles of unwanted bindings, but Fortune seems to have turned her wheel in my favor.

So, without further ado, allow me to share my (hopefully) diamonds found in the rough.

The Girls in the Picture – Melanie Benjamin

I immediately picked this up for the insanely gorgeous cover. (Just look at the fashion!)

After reading the synopsis, I found out that this book is about two girls trying to make it on Hollywood in 1914 during the rise of silent films. And to be honest, that’s pretty much all I know.

I never saw myself has a historical fiction reader, but after diving head first into Stephen King’s 11/22/63, I think I’ve adopted a nice little reading niche for myself.

A Country Road, A Tree – Jo Baker

Yet another historical fiction book and another beautiful cover buy.

All I know about this story is that it follows a writer in Paris in 1939 during WWII.

I love Paris. I love learning about WWII. I, too, am a writer. This book checks off all of the boxes for me!

And the best part? It’s less than 300 pages! I’ve caught myself buying nothing but larger books lately, which is great for my reading challenge, but it’s also a teeny bit stressful when it feels like it takes an entire month just to finish one book. Sometimes I love a quick and enjoyable read, so I’m hoping Jo Baker can deliver!

Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved interior design. So, naturally, when I came across this beautiful book, I had to snatch it.

Unlike other decorating books, this one is primarily 1961 designs. I love the 60’s, bright colors, and retro theme, and this has already hit all of those soft spots for me.

What books have you picked up recently, and which ones are you most excited for? I’d love to hear them!

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