ETSU’S Virtual Milton Marathon (Nov. 19) | experience Paradise Lost all in one day

My dear friends, my amazing and incredible alumni is hosting the Milton Marathon, an all-day reading of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, tomorrow (Nov. 19) from 8am – 8pm! (Or whenever they finish reading the entirety of the poem).

And the best part? You don’t need a Facebook account to watch!

Join ETSU’s 2020 Milton class, as well as myself and others, to chat and experience the Fall like never before!


I know what you’re thinking, “Zoe, that’s a lot of exclamation points.” I understand. I’ll try and tone down my excitement.

In 2018, I took part in the Milton class, as well as organizing our own Milton Marathon, and it was the most rewarding, as well as the most challenging, class of my college career.

One of my favorite professors teaches this course, and both he and his students always put a ton of effort into making the Milton Marathon happen every 2 years (since that’s the only time the class is offered).

From my own experience, I know how rewarding it felt to interact with fellow literature lovers, and the satisfaction of seeing everyone’s hardworking come together and pay off. Also, it’s just nice to be read to. When’s that last time someone read a story aloud to you? (That’s what I thought).

I’m sure the pandemic has made it even more difficult, especially advertising and getting everything organized, so I wanted to share a unique opportunity for all of you lovely readers to enjoy!

I’m going to pop in periodically throughout the day, and I hope to see and chat with some of you all there! ❤

BABY | a poem

TW: sexual abuse


I love you, baby. 
You say as I undress. 
Naked and open is the only way you’ll stay. 
I comply in exchange for some company. 
Daydreams of us keep me hoping for happiness, 
As my head is shoved deeper into your pillow. 
Harder! Harder! 
I moan, 
Hardly realizing it’s only a cry for help. 
Any attention is better than none, right? 
I begin to realize the severity of my actions, 
But you wrangle me back with that soft, sweet sound…